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These studies also show how the region has gained international recognition for the progress made there in the field of legal reforms aimed at addressing violence against women. The problem, however, is that the enforcement of such laws is often weak, owing to a general culture of impunity that characterises the region. Therefore, most of the protection the laws offer remains theoretical and without practical application. Specker et al. found that maternal breast milk vitamin B-12 concentrations were more strongly correlated with infant UMMA when the concentration in breast milk was ≤362 pmol/L.

  • The shelter was intended to receive up to five women and their children .
  • Unfortunately police officers have not received the necessary sensitization to domestic violence for them to intervene effectively.
  • Many marriages are neither registered nor recognized in Guatemala because a marriage certificate simply does not exist.
  • Guatemala’s Congress must reject proposed law 5272, also known as the “Law for the Protection of Life and Family,” because it would violate the rights of thousands of women, girls and LGBTI, Amnesty International said today.

It is a struggle that was particularly initiated and led by women. The emergency situation induced many women to take leading public roles in their communities and in society in general, as they moved into activities that had been traditionally denied them.

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The cost and sacrifice of these women’s untiring struggle cannot be weighed or measured. When they understood that they had nothing left to lose, and that if they did nothing they would lose even more, they committed themselves to search. They found their strength in the courage that they attributed to the victims. They thought it wasn’t normal for me to be worried about such things.

Even so, the global epidemic of cesarean sections may also have contributed to excess maternal mortality . For example, between 1990 and 2014 Central American cesarean section rates are estimated to have increased two and a half fold . Nevertheless, there has been a strong push for institutional deliveries throughout Central America. However, greater availability of health facilities alone will not necessarily improve utilization or sexy girls in Guatemala reduce health inequities. One day Mayra was invited by friends to participate in a workshop offered by the City Hall. The workshop, offered by the Municipal Committee for Women, is part of a $1.2 million project supported by Canada’s Global Peace and Security Fund to raise awareness about gender violence and improve access to justice. Every morning, Mayra Liseth Vanegas would awake wondering if she would live to see the next day.

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There are women committed to the different revolutionary organizations in the country who undoubtedly play the role of agents of social change by their participation. I sent a message to my boyfriend about my pregnancy, and the response he gave was that the child I was about to have was no child of his, and he wouldn’t pass me one cent – at least until the child was born. My son was three months old when my boyfriend came to see him with his mother. They came with the idea of taking him away from me but, like the majority of mothers who struggle to keep their children, I wouldn’t give him up. In 1963, through a friend, I got a job working as a babysitter and maid in Escuintla.

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We defined an affirmative response as “satisfaction” and examined its correlates. Potential correlates included age, education, literacy, marital status, wealth, CCT program participation, the type of facility utilized, travel time to that facility, and whether the woman had a Caesarean section. We identified the correlates of having an institutional delivery for each country and across Guatemala and Mexico combined.

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DP co-designed the study, participated in early discussions on the interpretation of data, prior to his passing away on January 27, 2016. PL assisted in study design and in the analysis and interpretation of the qualitative data. AB assisted in the analysis and interpretation of the qualitative data and in drafting the manuscript. NA assisted in quantitative analyses and data interpretation and in drafting the manuscript. RA co-designed the study, advised in the method of analysis, and revised the manuscript. This study was supported by a Grand Challenges Canada Global Mental Health seed grant (grant number 0333–04).